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You are out in the desert in Arizona, six miles from the nearest paved road, when all of a sudden you start feeling sick.  You start sweating profusely, you lose your breakfast.  You feel so weak, you can hardly tie your shoe.  All this happens within about two minutes.  Your friend, who came with you to watch you set up a dredge in a river bed, says he has an appointment and has to leave, but before he does he tells you that you don't look so good. You find you can hardly answer him. 

You are having a cardiac arrest--a "sudden death heart attack" as it's sometimes called.  Over 85% of those who have a regular-type heart attack survive.  Usually, there are plenty of warnings.  Only 7% of those who have a cardiac arrest survive.  There are no warnings.  What's the odds of surviving a cardiac arrest out in the desert of Arizona?  Probably about 0%. 

Is it just plain, dumb luck when unbelievable events converge to keep disaster from occurring, or is there something else that may be protecting us?  In the Foreword, the author relates several of these incidents that have happened to him.  Following one particular near-death episode, he was given a story to tell. That story has been an incredible story to many people and has helped them in their time of sorrow.  That was his first book, "When The Angels Cry - The Story of Arielle."  You will never look at coincidence the same again.

 When The Angels Cry-The Story of Jacob is the second book of his trilogy, an inspirational and heartwarming story of everyday miracles we receive, but usually never recognize.

 Veteran police officer Bill Harris is assigned to work with rookie Jacob Stiles. Jacob is hanging on to his job by a thread, on the cusp of being fired for alleged incompetency. But Jacob is more than a police officer as Bill will soon  discover.  He starts observing strange things he has never seen before and is soon introduced to a world he never thought existed.  When he sees miracles brought to life, Bill is taught about the true nature of God and his servants, the angels.  

Parts of this story are based on and inspired by true events.  After you read this story, you will want to consider retracing your own life's experiences and ask yourself…was it just a coincidence or were  angels watching over me?