Sensual Massage Candle

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Light your own Natural Massage Oil Candles and enjoy a sensual indulgence in perfection. We selected a perfect blend that melts close to body temperature so you can enjoy a perfect massage. Unlike melted paraffin wax which cools and clumps on the skin, our soy wax, Oils and Butters melt into an oil that remains soft on the skin because its melting point is just a ew degrees above body temperature. Our soy wax blend includes Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter and Coconut Oil to give you the perfect massage and your skin a moisturizing and enjoyable treatment. You don’t even have to melt it! Use it right out of the container! Melts into a warming, silky massage oil. Penetrates and moisturizes the skin. A blend of 6 Natural Oils & Butters leaves your skin soft and smooth. Use right out of the shower or bath without melting the butters and Oils. Non-Toxic. All-natural blended massage candles are fragranced with your choice of a premium fragrance or essential oil, NOT chemicals like many brands. Light the candle to enjoy the wonderful scent. When you extinguish flame, you can immediately use as a warm massage oil. Entirely skin-safe. Our own exclusive blend of soy wax, Oils & Butters plus your choice of fragrance to make it just the way you like it!