Pure Coconut Oil (76 Degree)

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Product Overview

Coconut Oil is great for your skin. Double-blind controlled clinical trials have found coconut oil effective in improving skin hydration, increasing skin lipid levels, while at the same time showing
no irritant effects. This should be no surprise, as people in the tropics have used it as a traditional moisturizer for centuries, maintaining smooth healthy skin while continually exposed to the sun
and the salty sea air. Add it to a spray bottle and enjoy a natural moisturizer that rubs in easily and doesn’t leave an “oily feel.”

Known as being very rich in lauric acid and solid at temperatures below 76º F, coconut oil is probably the single most popular oil in cold and hot process soap making because it produces a thick wonderful lather. This product is All Natural. Coconut oil helps the soap retain more moisture while at the same time hardening and whitening the finished product.
Simply put, soaps will be harder, retain more moisture, and will also lather more easily. Lotions will help the skin retain moisture naturally. Coconut oil has become a staple in the personal care industry.