Pearl's Private Reserve - Lotions (4 oz)

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Pearl's Private Reserve Lotions
Support Your Local Brothel!!

Known as Cripple Creek’s “soiled dove,” Pearl de Vere operated the historic Homestead House on Myers Ave., catering only to the most prosperous and wealthy men. Described as slender and pretty, with flaming red hair, there is believed to be only one photo. She died in 1897 of a suspected morphine overdose. She was the only known prostitute that was allowed burial in Mt. Pisgah cemetery.

Our best lotion, Goat Milk, Honey & Shea Butter base, in a red bottle with a gold dispensing cap to commemorate the historic days of brothels of the old west.  Each lotion pairs with one of Pearl's fantastic roll-on perfumes.  A part of each sale goes to support the Old Homestead Museum in Cripple Creek, CO.

Pearl’s Obsession A Scent of Musky Rose & Sandalwood
Evening CourtesanThe True Romantic Scent of Egyptian Musk
BurlesqueAn Exotic Fruity Fragrance With Jasmine & Violets
Soiled DoveA Heavenly, Exotic Scent From India
China DollA Scent of Rose, Wisteria, Sandalwood & Vanilla
Night in ParisA Scent of Lavender & Rose
Fallen AngelA Scent of Vanilla, Berries, Chocolate & Sandalwood
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