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The small casino town of Cripple Creek, CO. hides a very big secret. A covert organization, known by its partners as ‘The Club', has been formed by a few of the powerful leaders of the town. The town's newspaper owner and editor, Adam Sadowski, is caught up in the web of deception after he receives credible information about the existence of a brothel and a high-stakes poker room, and discovers the FBI already involved with an undercover agent somewhere in town. Adam helps unearth the players in exchange for an exclusive on what he hopes will be a major story that only he can tell. The Pastor of a local church, Brian Gray, is inadvertently involved when a young lady confesses to him about her employment at an exclusive high-priced brothel and requests his assistance in getting out of the business. With this unwanted knowledge he is told that his family’s safety may be at risk. He constantly tries to distance himself from the investigation but seems to always be drawn back in.  A well-liked bank teller is murdered and escalates the FBI's involvement in the investigation of murder, robbery and espionage.

About The Authors
ANITA M. BRAUN was raised in New Hampshire and has always had a love for fiction writing. In addition to writing, she enjoys her spending time with her grandchildren, gardening, reading, hiking and learning new things. She currently owns a floral and gift shop with her husband in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

 TIMOTHY M. BRAUN was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He served in the Army Security Agency as a crypto-analyst, spending most of that time in Japan and Korea. He retired from a Massachusetts police department as a Detective Sergeant in 1993. He volunteers his time to non-profit organizations and is currently President of the local School Board.