Hot Profits 4 U!

Hot Profits 4 U

Hello!  My name is Tim Braun and I'm going to help you start a very PROFITABLE home-based business.  The main word and idea here is PROFITABLE!  There are lots of get-rich-quick schemes out there, but this isn't one of them.  If you want to get rich quick, you'd better look elsewhere.  This business isn't hard to do, but it takes a lot of work.  If you are willing to put in the time to learn, market and manufacture, then I can help you.  I will take you step-by-step, tell you all the little things no one else does, and help you to become successful.

I have started a blog, so stay with me as I populate it with new posts and videos.  Blogging is new to me, so I'm learning how to do this as you learn a new business.  I've had so many emails asking about different things and many of them were of the same subjects, that repeating myself all the time took a lot of my time.  So if you have a question, post it here and many others can learn along with you!

I have been doing this for many years; I have printed and sold thousands of shirts, hats, signs, magnets, coasters, signs, etc., and have made substantial money at it.  I live in a small town of about 1200 residents, Cripple Creek, Colorado.  It's a tourist town, so it enables me to try and test many different styles and formats.

Get started today with a great home-based business or supplement your existing business with instant t-shirts and sublimation!!

Click on a book or the link below for more information on starting your:

Instant T-shirt business- "So You Want To Design & Sell T-shirts!"

Sublimation business-"HOT PROFITS with Sublimation"


Creating Your Identity- "Creating an Identity for Your Products"

 I currently make about 120 different t-shirts that I have designed.  It's been a learning process as I started out very basic and added different ideas as I went along.  This wasn't a problem as I make all the shirts to order.  I don't have to keep any printed shirts in stock.  This is another advantage to this type of business.  

Think of the cost and the storage space it would take to stock shirts for 90 different designs, each having 5 different colors and each color having six different sizes!  That's 90 x 5 x 6 or 2,700 shirts to stock, and that's if you only stock one shirt of each!  If you stock five shirts of each, that's 13,500 shirts!  Many stores want 5-10 of each shirt in each size.  Just the cost of the shirts would be prohibitive for most of us, let alone the storage space it would take just to have any order at all.

I started a series of "Smart Ass University" shirts that took off almost immediately and then added many more as they were tested and approved by customer purchases.  You can see them at this online store at 

You have to be careful with children's shirts as there are federal guidelines you have to follow or you can get into serious trouble.

Unlike the typical heat transfer paper purchased from the local department store and the inks that come with inkjet printers, my method of printing transfers with professional grade transfer paper and high-heat pigmented inks allows me to print quality t-shirts on-demand. So if you’re just getting started in the t-shirt business and you’re looking for the cheapest way to get started with quality output…this is it!

In my T-shirt E-Book, I talk about the various types of products you can upsell to others who purchase your t-shirts by adding the ‘sublimation’ process to your business… Take a look at the extra items I sell to the same stores/businesses that purchase my t-shirts:

 These are ceramic Christmas ornaments that I made for the city. I made 300 numbered, two sides. I get $5/ea and I make 6 at a time. They cost wholesale $1.23 ea. They retail for $9.95.  The second photo shows ornaments I did for a museum, and the third one shows ornaments I did for some Hallmark stores. This was all done with a heat press, the special inks/paper and nothing else.

christmas-ornaments-city.jpg  christmas-ornaments-museum.jpg  christmas-ornament-halmmark.jpg

These are the set-ups for custom made clocks. They are sublimated on a coated-hardboard, also with a heat press. Very simple.

clock-samples.jpg  clock-izzy.jpg  

These are signs we make. The next is a sample of magnets. All with heat press.  You can also make coasters from the same files.



izzy-colt-mousepad.jpg  subli-items.jpg

From the left is two mouse pads, a school pennant, a car flag and adog tag. All are made with a heat press.

If you are interested in supplementing your t-shirt business, think about adding sublimation.  It's well worth it!  Get my "HOT PROFITS with SUBLIMATION" e-book to learn what you will need and how to sublimate many products.

I have put together eBooks that lists my sources and suppliers, i.e., what type of printers to use, what type of inks to use and where to get them; what type of paper to get, along with my sources, I also explain why you should always get the 11×17 sized sheets, what you must do before printing your first t-shirt transfer, what to do AFTER your transfers come out of the printer, why you should have a Teflon sheet and Teflon pillow.

I also include my supplier for blank t-shirts and how to get free shipping.  I provide a few FREE marketing tips that’ll help get you into local stores.

I touch on sublimation printing and why you should add this to your business TODAY!
All of this  ‘Get-Started-Now’ info is packed inside 16-pages of no-fluff content… No fillers, no fluff… Just 16 solid pages of key information to get you started right away in the t-shirt business.

After you learn the t-shirt and sublimation business, I'll teach you how to use the equipment you already have to make other items that sell extremely well, unrelated to t-shirts, but can be sold to businesses you already sell to.  Bumper stickers, cards (birthday, greeting, etc.), lip balm, and other items.  You will have the special equipment and inks, use it!!  Don't limit yourself like everyone else does.  Expand your horizons, it's limitless!  Remember, the more you have to offer, the more $$ you will make!!

To get started in your home business, get my e-book, "So You Want to Design and Sell T-Shirts!".  It's available below.

Order Your E-Books today!! 

Instant T-shirt business- "So You Want To Design & Sell T-shirts!"

Sublimation business-"HOT PROFITS with Sublimation"
Want to design and sell Bumper Stickers?  Click on my E-Book/ Video below, "Easy Bumper Stickers-Printing Bumper Stickers for Extra $$"   

I'll take you step by step to making that extra $$ you want right from your home!!


Creating Your Identity- "Creating an Identity for Your Products"

Want to design and sell Bumper Stickers?  Click on my E-Book/ Video below, "Easy Bumper Stickers-Printing Bumper Stickers for Extra $$"  

I'll take you step by step to making that extra $$ you want right from your home!! 


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