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INSTRUCTIONS: Place the names of the sugar(s) you wish in the box provided above, then enter the total number of sugars you chose in the quantity.  (Ex: If you want (1) Lime, (2) of the Lemon and (2) Habanero sugar samplers, you would indicate those in the box and then place "5" in the quantity.)

Choose from these 15 great gourmet sugars and read each description below: Cinnamon, Strawberry, Dark Cocoa, Expresso, Green Chili, Raspberry, Vanilla Bean, Toasted Coconut, Lime, Clove, Sweet Onion, Ginger, Habanero, Wild Blueberry, Lemon.

Please allow 1-3 days for fresh orders to be packaged, and processed for shipping. We currently ship within the US via USPS. If you are ordering all 21 sugars, just say "All" in the instructions. Also available in 4 & 8 oz packaging! Please contact us for pricing.

Explore our delicious sugars bringing gourmet flavor to your table. Here you will find ideal unique sugars to enhance your next dinner party. Pearl's County Store offers the highest quality sugars available in 2 oz samplers. See our store for larger quantities.

DARK COCOA- It's chocolate sugar!! There’s a natural synergy with this mahogany cocoa and cane sugar creation. Just try to resist Dark Cocoa sugar and its tempting flavor!

EXPRESSO- Condensed into the perfect sprinkle-able gourmet topping, Real espresso is melded with the sweetness of cane sugar to create a unique and robust flavor.

VANILLA BEAN- Evoking the comforting flavor of everyone's favorite desserts, we use premium Tahitian
Vanilla beans to make this much-loved sugar variety.

CINNAMON- Made with real Korjintie Cinnamon, this
gourmet cinnamon sugar adds a spicy sweet dimension to any meal.

GREEN CHILI- This combination of sweet and spicy will make your taste buds tingle. The heat is a pleasant surprise, it both complements and contrasts the sweetness in the sugar.

TOASTED COCONUT- An exotic infusion of all natural cane sugar and coconut, Toasted Coconut sugar is a sweet treat with the lush aroma and flavor of fresh coconuts.

STRAWBERRY- The bright, berry color and luscious taste of hand-picked strawberries meld deliciously with organic, all natural cane sugar in this berry-licious variety.

RASPBERRY- Red Oregon Raspberries are the star ingredient in this beautiful, fuchsia-colored sugar. The color alone makes this sugar perfect for topping sweets.

LIME- Use whenever you want a crisp, citrus splash.
Lime is an extremely versatile flavor. Combine with sea salt and use as a simple but tasty seasoning.

GINGER- Fresh ginger is infused into raw cane sugar to
create a sweet gourmet treat with a zesty zing.

LEMON- Lemon and sugar are a natural combination.
Real lemon added to the raw cane sugar is clean and refreshing, never bitter.

SWEET ONION- Sweet Onion sugar has an unpredictably special taste. Use on anything to add delicious caramelized onion" flavor. Onion sugar is addictive!!

WILD BLUEBERRY- Top a fresh berry tart with whipped cream and sprinkle with blueberry sugar or mix into pancake batter for a sweet, blueberry addition.

CLOVE- A warm winter spice, clove sugar brings a taste of real clove to your kitchen year round. Mix with Cinnamon and Ginger sugars for instant Thanksgiving spice.

HABANERO- Sweet with a lot of heat! Use sparingly! - our Habanero sugar delivers an exhilarating kick. If you like it "hot," you'll love this spicy Habanero sugar.