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Explore our delicious salts that have been carefully sourced from the four corners of the globe to bring gourmet flavor to your table. Here you will find ideal unique salts to enhance your next dinner party, BBQ or invent salty creations that will become your newest secret ingredient. Rocky Mountain Gourmet Specialties™ offers the highest quality salts available in beautiful shaker jars.

Alaea Hawaiian is a traditional Hawaiian-style red sea salt that is completely natural. Pure solar-evaporated sea salt is enriched with purified red alae clay from the island of Kauai, which helps to naturally seal in the moisture of meats when roasting & enhances the flavors of any dish. Alaea Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt is prized by chefs for its unique color and earthy taste, and is perfect for brines, spice rubs, grilled 
seafood and vegetables.
Smoked Alderwood - Our very first smoked salt, Smoked Alderwood set the bar for our other varieties. The intense smoke of natural, red alder wood is a traditionally Pacific Northwestern pair for salmon nd other creamier, richer seafood, but the adaptable flavor profile of the smoke enhances just about any type of meat or poultry, and even vegetables. A completely natural way to add authentic smoked flavor to a wide range of recipes, this salt is an ideal partner for the grill or BBQ, but ventures beyond red meat. 
Chipotle - The mild, smoky heat of chipotle is a great way to naturally season adobo marinades, black beans, chicken tortilla soup and otherMexican-inspired dishes, but don’t stop there. Chipotle Sea Salt is  versatile kick that pairs well with tomato-based sauces and BBQ, but can also complement honey-sweetened glazes and desserts. With an earthy warmth that could please any palate, Chipotle Sea Salt is the 
perfect spicy salt to liven up your meals.
Ghost Pepper - Made with the fiery Naga Jolokia, also known as the Ghost Pepper, this salt is for the dedicated heat seeker. One of the hottest peppers in the world, the Naga Jolokia adds more than just concentrated heat to this variety; it adds a robust earthiness that balances the intensity with flavor that lingers on your tongue. Ghost Pepper Sea Salt is right at home on chicken wings, fajitas, chili—
even sprinkled in with sautéed garlic and onions to top that game-day bratwurst. Start with a dash and work your way up, because this is the salt that bites back.
Habanero Heat Sea Salt combines ripe, intensely spicy habanero peppers with all-natural sea salt to make this superbly mouth-watering flavored salt. Popular in Mexican and Southwestern-style cooking,  Habanero Heat Sea Salt is more than just a sizzling seasoning—it brings a sharp, tangy, slightly fruity piquancy to almost anything it pairs with. Perfect in guacamole and fruit salsas, delicious with seafood & shrimp, lovely with more acidic ingredients like lime and vinegar, and powerfully peppery in creamy, cheesy dishes, this salt can work magic all over the kitchen and backyard BBQ.
Himalayan Salt is a full-flavored, all-natural mineral salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits found deep in the Himalayan Mountains. The famous range of trace minerals found in this salt, such as iron, magnesium, potassium & calcium, results in its beautiful range of colors, from varying shades of pink to red. 

Black Hawaiian Sea Salt - An alluring combination of pure Pacific sea salt and activated charcoal made from coconut shells, Black Hawaiian-Style Sea Salt is an exotic, sultry sea salt that will remind you of the famous black sand beaches of Hawaii. The rich, black color adds a dramatic finish to any meal and holds up nicely in saucy, full-flavored dishes. Try Black Hawaiian as a finishing salt on seafood, grilled pork, or roast chicken! The intensity of the salinity makes Black Hawaiian Sea Salt a beautiful replacement for plain table salt, which also gives it adaptability in a range of dishes.
Jalapeño Sea Salt- Fresh, citrusy, spicy jalapeños pique more than just your taste buds when fused with all-natural sea salt in our zesty Jalapeño Sea Salt. Well-rounded as a seasoning, this salt has a verdant and bright flavor that fits in well with Mexican, Southwestern and Latin American-inspired cuisines, but also adds a bit of a bite to salads, dips, soups and sauces. Spicy but not too hot, Jalapeño Sea Salt can add a salty, peppery relish to guacamoles and salsas, to spice rubs for chicken and flank steak, and to rice and beans for a jazzed-up side dish.
Lemon Twist Sea Salt is the ideal pairing of fresh, juicy lemon and all-natural sea salt. Bright, fragrant, floral and tart but not sour, this artisanal salt is one of the most versatile for use in both sweet and  savory recipes. A natural match with seafood, chicken and herb-filled dishes, any plate that might enjoy a slice of lemon garnish is a perfect place for a pinch of Lemon Twist Sea Salt. Use it to mix up your Mediterranean-style meals, as a drink rim for your Bloody Mary, in coconut and tropical-inspired pastries, or even as a tangy zest to white chocolate truffles. This salt has moisture and may not shake easily.
Lime Fresco -To make our Lime Fresco Sea Salt, we combine tart, succulent limes with all-natural sea salt. As versatile as fresh limes, this gourmet salt adds a tangy, salty zest to any cuisine, especially Thai, Mexican, Southwestern and Middle Eastern. Lime Fresco Sea Salt has a deep, round citrus taste, which makes it useful as both an ingredient salt and a finishing salt. A great partner for the grill and superb in salads, his blend works in savory and sweet dishes.

Peruvian Pink - High in the Peruvian Andes, 10,000 feet above the sea, terraced beds are fed by mineral-rich saltwater springs. Hand-harvested from these ancient salt ponds, Peruvian Pink Mountain Spring Salt is comprised of irregular, boxy grains in varying shades of beige and light pink. The moderate moisture content, robust grain structure, and strong flavor make bulk Peruvian Pink an ideal choice as a finishing salt on hearty dishes for food service use, or mixed into spice and seasoning blends.

Smoked Serrano Sea Salt is a deep, smoky, mild combination of pure, natural sea salt and ripe, scarlet, slow-smoked Serrano peppers. This pungent blend has a woodsy aroma and leaves a slight tingle on your tongue, making it the perfect salt for those who like their heat in the mild range. Spice up salsas and tamales, or try it on corn on the cob or in sweet corn chowder. Play to the Serrano’s subtle berry-like notes by adding it to desserts with tropical fruit flavors, especially with pineapple and mango for a real culinary adventure.

Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt is one of the most aromatic and herb-rich salts ever. Earthy and fragrant, Spanish Rosemary is one of the most well-known and well-loved herbs in a multitude of international cuisines. When combined with pure, natural sea salt, the rosemary takes on a garden-fresh flavor that is the perfect ingredient for any comfort food. Toss liberally over roasted potatoes and chicken, incorporate it into soups, stews and sauces-even fresh homemade butter. Expand your culinary repertoire by adding it to sweet dishes, as well. (Not available)

Spicy Curry Sea Salt is an earthy, heady blend of traditional curry spices and all-natural sea salt. Hints of lemon, dry grass, coconut, toasted cumin and coriander make the aroma of this salt like a walk through an exotic spice market. Expand your culinary horizons beyond traditional Indian and Thai-inspired dishes by adding it to seafood, chicken, noodles, rice, steamed vegetables and sauces, or pair it with desserts that feature tropical fruits like mangoes and bananas. Bake it into shortbreads and sugar cookies, or top ginger and coconut candies with a sprinkle. The lovely golden glow of our Spicy Curry Sea Salt makes it a beautiful and natural way to add a pop of color to your recipes, as well.
Sun Ripened Tomato Sea Salt is made with whole, ripe tomatoes and all-natural sea salt, an intense rush of savory, full-bodied tomato flavor. Delicious in Italian and Southwestern cuisine but practically universal, this salt complements garlic, onion and shallots, artichokes, butter, olive oil, basil and other herbs. It adds salinity, acidity and depth to sauces that feature red wine and beef stock, but also works well in lighter vinaigrettes and sauces
Szechuan Peppercorn is not a traditional peppercorn. Less about the heat and more about the spice, Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt offers a woodsy, dry, slightly citrus and grassy bouquet that merges strikingly with pure, natural sea salt. The gentle tingling sensation and berry notes have made the Szechuan pepper a mainstay in Chinese and other Asian cuisines, which makes our Szechuan Pepper Sea Salt a great ingredient and finishing salt in similarly-flavored dishes. Pair it with pork, seafood or steak, or use it alongside sauces and marinades that include soy sauce, sesame oil, chili paste, ginger and garlic. 

Thai Ginger Sea Salt is clean, fresh and tart, with touches of woodsy spice and hints of citrus, making it a great ingredient for both sweet and savory foods. This completely natural sea salt is combined with fresh, juicy ginger to bring balanced brightness to the kitchen. Wonderfully at home in simple seafood dishes like grilled fish and seared scallops, in Asian-inspired fare and as a topping for gourmet desserts like chocolate truffles, coconut-laden pastries and even as a light dusting on top of vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla Bean Sea Salt - Heavily aromatic with the scent of genuine bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar, Vanilla Bean Sea Salt is decidedly salty, but with a warm, creamy vanilla essence. This delicate, 
natural combination is in perfect harmony in the world of baking, pastry and confections, but also shines in more than just sweet-salty pairings. With the naturally rich, perfumed sweetness of vanilla, this savory fusion fits in beautifully with pork, lobster and duck recipes, in cream sauces, and alongside fennel and chives. 
Vintage Merlot Sea Salt - Combining the complexity of a rich, deep red wine with the simplicity of pure, natural sea salt, our Vintage Merlot Sea Salt is all about balance. The slightly tart, gently oaky wine comes from local Washington wineries, making it an elegant match for any cuisine—from Pacific Northwest-inspired salmon recipes to traditional French boeuf bourguignon. Versatile and adaptable, Vintage Merlot Sea Salt is also a perfect finishing salt due to its lush burgundy-purple color. 
Velvet de Guérande French Grey Sea Salt is hand harvested from the clay-lined salt ponds in the Guérande region of France, giving it a soft, grey color and mineral-rich moisture. One of the most well-known gourmet French sea salts, Velvet de Guérande has a crunchy texture that works well with grilled and braised meats, roasted potatoes and other root vegetables. Though iconic in French cuisine, the characteristic briny flavor pairs nicely with a wide variety of foods, from roasted nuts to stews and salads to cookies, and is one of the most popular salts for topping homemade chocolate caramels. Velvet de Guérande is a delicious, mineral-rich substitute for everyday table salt, and comes in a variety of grain sizes to fit every kitchen.  This salt has moisture and may not shake easily.