Essential Oils



(See Essential Oil Precautions After Descriptions)


"Basil E.O.- Essential Oil-(ocimum basilicum) A sweet licorice-like aroma basil oil is very soothing, energizing and toning. It is light, fresh, fruity-spicy with a balsamic, anise-like undertone also referred to as sweet basil oil. Apply a few drops to a tissue and inhale, or add to a diffuser. Blend with grapeseed or olive oil to make it less concentrated. Blends well with lavender, clary sage, thyme, cedarwood, bergamot, and geranium. Non-toxic, skin-irritant in high concentration. Avoid if pregnant."
"Bergamot E.O.- Essential Oil-(citrus bergamia) An energizing citrus oil of spicy-floral freshness.Great aroma to balance the mind.Increases ones sense of humor and well-being.Add a few drops in a diffuser to freshen the aroma climate of your home. Sniff directly from the bottle to feel fresh and fight melancholy. Add 10 drops to your unscented body care to help for a luxurious experience.Blends well with many different oils, ""lifting"" a blend to make it appear more energetic and lively. "
"Cedarwood E.O.- Essential Oil- (cedrus deodara) Dry/woody aroma, very subtle and noble, with a hint of spice.Cedarwood has a very spiritual, light, transcended note and many people upon first smelling this oil think they are sampling a sophisticated blend of oils. Aromatherapy properties include warming, uplifting, and toning. Comforting and reviving. Confidence building. Considered an aphrodisiac as it is grounding and inspiring at the same time. Blends well with citrus oils, giving them a base note that very nicely complements them. Also nice with Rosemary, Chamomile, Eucalyptus and many more. Avoid during pregnancy."
"Cinnamon Leaf E.O.- Essential Oil- (cinnamonum zeylanicum) Cinnamon Leaf Ceylon Sweet-spicy, herbaceous, peppery, somewhat resembling clove and cinnamon, slightly woody,powerful and exotic, warm. Warming tonic, aphrodisiac,restorative, uplifting. Not appropriate for skin and hair care, due to possible sensitizing. "
"Clove Pennyroyal E.O.- Essential Oil- Mentha pulegium steam distillation of crushed leaves, spicy, clove-cinnamon like, dark brown in color."
"Eucalyptus E.O.- Essential Oil- The strong, pungent scent of eucalyptus is like no other scent in the world, but close to a true menthol. It’s an eye-opener. "
"Evening Primrose E.O.- Essential Oil- an exceptionally fine textured oil and has superb moisturizing properties and used externally it is indicated as effective in helping with eczema, psoriasis, pre-menstrual syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis as well as weight reduction."
"Frankincense E.O.- Essential Oil- (boswellia carterii) Fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly spicy and fruity. Frankincense is said to have a centering effect on the emotions, it has been used traditionally for meditation, and spiritual growth. Relaxing and great for mature skin. Blends well with citrus oils like orange, bergamot, neroli, lavender,clary sage, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, and is used very effectively with jojoba oil. "
"Grapefruit, Pink E.O.- Essential Oil- (citrus paradisi) Fresh citrus aroma, it is very energizing and has antiseptic properties. Add to lotion and massage oils for a stimulating massage. Do not use if you will be exposed to direct sunlight or sunlamps within 12 hours. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat and in tightly closed containers.The refrigerator would be great. Blends well with many different oils lifting a blend to make it appear more energetic and lively. "
"Juniper Berry E.O.- Essential Oil- juniperus communis) Peppery, balsamic and warm, smoky, fresh and woody, reminiscent of evergreen oils.Aromatherapy properties include: supportive, restoring, and a great nerve tonic. Cleans the atmosphere of the surroundings. Good oil for meditation. Use a few drops in a diffuser to freshen the aroma climate of your home. Blends well with vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, clary sage, lavender, grapefruit, and other citrus oils,geranium, and rosemary. Avoid during pregnancy, with babies or acute urinary tract disease."
"Lavender E.O.-  floral, herbaceous, fresh and light with a balsamic woody undertone."
"Lavender, French E.O.- Floral and herbaceous, French lavender essential oil offers a fresh aroma that is a must for relaxing and calming. Not only is it used for both energizing and relaxing, but also for creating a balanced mind. French lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile oils used in aromatherapy and can rejuvenate and inspire a tired person or relax, soothe and slow down someone who is stressed or tense."
"Lemon E.O.- Fresh lemons – sunny and tart, bursting with citrusy zing!"
"Lemon Grass E.O.- Light, fresh citrus scent with earthy notes. Properties include refreshing and rejuvenating. Stimulating and balancing. Its aroma inspires and brings fresh energy. Popular skin care ingredient for oily, mature and inflamed skin(in moderation)."
"Lime E.O.- Essential Oil- (citrus aurantiflora) Once used in the asian culture for its antiseptic qualities, today lime essential oil is known for its cooling and uplifting effects on the mind and body.Light, fresh green/bitter citrus scent. Very penetrating odor, clean smelling.Its aroma inspires and brings fresh energy, clears the mind.Excellent for use in a diffuser to freshen the home, add a few drops to the water when washing dishes or cleaning the house."
"Myrrh E.O. - Essential Oil - Myrrh Oil Essential Oil Spiced wood aroma is attributed for calming the nerves and fostering tranquility. Aromatherapy properties are purifying, restorative. Uplifting and revitalizing while soothing nervous tension."
"Orange E.O.- Essential Oil- Warm, fresh citrus scent, radiant, fruity and tangy. This oil smells just like fresh orange peel, yet is much stronger aroma in this form. Provides fresh energy, clearing and inspiring the mind. "
Patchouli E.O.- Essential Oil- 100% Pure and All-Natural Patchouli East Indian Essential Oil.
Peppermint E.O.- Essential Oil- 100% Pure and All-Natural Peppermint Redistilled Essential Oil.  An essential oil that is redistilled has been distilled at least two times in order to make the essential oil more concentrated.
Pine (Black) E.O.- Essential Oil- (pinus nigra) Imported from India
"Rose Geranium E.O.- Essential Oil- Fresh, herbaceous, powerful.Floral-minty and green, rose geranium has distinct rosy aroma. Combine with rosemary, jasmine, patchouli and lavender according to your liking to make your own hair care blend. Blends well with almost everything, clary sage, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, basil, thyme, cedarwood, spices, etc. No known toxicity."
"Rose Oil E.O.- Essential Oil-  Rose Distillate or hydrosol of rose. Obtained from the flowers of the oil bearing rose (rosa damascena) through water distillation. Aroma is warm, floral, fine, with a faint peppery and honey notes, specific for Indian attar of roses. Widely used skin care ingredient. Can be used as is on the skin, mixed with glycerine or to replace all or part of the water in skin care formulations. 100% natural distillates."
"Rosemary E.O.- Essential Oil- Fresh, herbaceous, organic Rosemary essential oil calms apprehension while stimulating the spirit. Strong herb aroma."
"Rosewood E.O.- Essential Oil- Rosewood is sometimes referred to as Bois-de-rose oil, the scent is sweet, woody, fruity, floral aroma. Blends well with lavender, orange, lemon, tangerine, sandalwood, cedarwood, and geranium. Use only when in conjunction with a carrier oil, rosewood it is a ""hot oil"" so it should not be used in bath water. Do not take rosewood or any essential oil without the consultation from a qualified practitioner. Do not apply undiluted directly to the skin. As always consult aromatherapy practitioner if you are pregnant or have any other medical problem."
"Spearmint E.O.- Essential Oil- The fresh, clean aroma of Spearmint essential oil is valued for its invigorating and refreshing qualities. Excellent pore cleanser when added to facial cleansing treatments."

"Sweet Fennel E.O.-  Essential Oil- A great option if you like the smell of anise but find it a bit too strong, sweet fennel has a floral scent with an herbal top note and anise-like aroma. A wonderful touch for soaps and hair products because of the delicate green undertones that balance the sweet scent. Its main main qualities are warming and drying. Should be avoided by pregnant women and lactating women, persons with endometriosis and epilepsy. Blends well with anise, basil, carrot, geranium, dill, lavender, lemon, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, tarragon, and yarrow."
"Tea Tree E.O.- Essential Oil- Naturally cleansing Tea Tree oil has a warm, spicy odor that helps to lift the spirit. Add up to 5-10 drops of 1 oz. of unscented body or hair care product to enhance their effectiveness. Add 2-3 drops to a bowl of hot water for a purifying steam treatment."
"Thyme E.O.- Essential Oil- Aroma is sweet, light and fresh, slight spicy, and cleansing. Use in a diffuser or massage to counter a cold and relieve tiredness. Dilute with carrier oil before putting on the skin. Do not add to bath water, Thyme Oil is a ""hot"" oil. Blends well with bergamot, cedarwood, chamomile, and lemon. Do not use in cases of high blood pressure nor in pregnancy."
"Vanilla E.O. - Essential Oil - Vanilla oleoresin is considered a premiere sensual aphrodisiac and one of the most popular flavors/aromas. It is comforting and relaxing and is also an ingredient in Oriental type perfumes. Aromatic Scent: Vanilla is one of the most well known scents. The oil has a rich, sweet, vanilla odor Cautions: No known toxicity. Avoid high concentration in pregnancy. This product contains vanillin that will change the color in soaps and body care products. Avoid very high concentrations in skin care. 
"Vetliver E.O.- Essential Oil- Vetiver has a warm, earthy aroma. Blends well with everything needing a smooth and lingering base note, especially Citrus, the aphrodisiac oils(Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang) Lavender, Cinnamon, and Clary Sage."
"Wintergreen E.O.- Essential Oil- Very refreshing aroma, woody and wintergreen. Invigorates the mind and uplifts the spirit.  Use cautiously as 99% of wintergreen is salicylate the main ingredient in aspirin. Not recommended for usage in persons who take aspirin regularly,are allergic to aspirin, or while taking anticoagulants.Do not use internally or topically. May be harmful if swallowed consult a poison control center or emergency room immediately if accidentally consumed. Blends well with pine, peppermint, and lemon."
"Ylang Ylang E.O.- Essential Oil- Intensely sweet spicy,floral scent.Organic Ylang Ylang seduces the senses and relaxes the mind."


 DaVinci Candle/Oil personnel are not medical practitioners and do not diagnose, treat or prescribe in any shape, manner or form. Always discuss with your medical practitioner before using any alternative medicines, natural supplements, or vitamins. All information, content and product descriptions contained within this site are for reference purposes and are not intended to substitute advice given by a pharmacist, physician or other licensed health-care professional. You should not use this information for treating a health problem or disease or to make a self-diagnosis. Actual product packaging and materials may contain different information than shown on this website. Contact your health care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem. Information and statements regarding our products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health condition or disease.

 The following safety precautions are guidelines only. You should consult with any Aromatherapist about essential oil usage and always inform your primary care physician what you are using as they may not be conducive with his/her prescribed therapy and medications.

 Keep Essential Oils in a secure place away from children and pets.

  1. The term ‘natural’ does not guarantee safety, read and follow instructions carefully.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, never use essential oils on your skin without diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil. A skin test is recommended prior to use. Place a small amount of the blended oil on the inside of your elbow, cover with a bandage and check in 24 hours. If you experience any soreness, redness or irritation do not use the blend. Consulting an Aromatherapist to obtain assistance to determine what essential oil you should use is recommended.
  3. If an essential oil or essential oil blend gets into your eye, flush the eye immediately with clean water or cold milk. Seek medical attention if the stinging and/or irritation continues.
  4. If allergic to certain foods, do not use essential oils or carrier oils that come from those foods.
  5. The following essentials oils should never be used on the skin:
    • Alan Root (Inula helenium)
    • Almond bitter
    • Bergamot expressed
    • Birch sweet, Birch tar
    • Boldo leaf
    • Cade
    • Calamus
    • Camphor (brown, yellow, unrectified)
    • Cassis
    • Cinnamon bark
    • Colophon
    • Costos Root
    • Fig Leaf abs
    • Horseradish
    • Mustard (volatile)
    • Opoponax
    • Peru balsam
    • Rue abs
    • Sassafras
    • Tansy
    • Tolu
    • Turpentine unrectified
    • Verbena (from citriodora)
    • Wintergreen (Methyl salicylate)
  6. Many essential oils have not been tested on humans, thus always take precautions with using Aromatherapy.
  7. Essential oils do not necessarily have the same healing properties of the plant it comes from. Herbal products sometimes contain different chemical components than the essential oil derived from the same plant. Therapeutic results may be experienced when using an herbal product from that of a blended essential oil.
  8. Do not use more than 2 drops of the following essential oils when used in a bath:
    • Aniseed
    • Black pepper
    • Camphor (rectified)
    • Citronella
    • Clove
    • Eucalyptus globus
    • Ginger
    • Juniper
    • Peppermint
    • Pimento
    • Sage
    • Savory
    • Spearmint
    • Thyme
  9. The following essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy:
  10. Basil
  11. Cedarwood
  12. Clary Sage
  13. Fennel
  14. Jasmine
  15. Lavender
  16. Marjoram
  17. Myrrh
  18. Rose
  19. Rosemary
  20. Sage
  21. Thyme
  22. The following essential oils should be avoided if you have epilepsy:
    • Cajaput
    • Champhor
    • Eucalyptus
    • Fennel
    • Hyssop
    • Peppermint
    • Rosemary
  23. Use a variety of essential oils and make sure you take breaks from the essential oils you use often. This is to avoid sensitization and irritation. The norm would be to use a blend for 4 days, take a minimum of 4 days off and use a different blend which provides the same relief.