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Would you like to work from home?
Would you like a part-time business that will continue to pay you 80%+ in profits?
Would you like to start you own Bath & Body and Home business?

Every city/town has a multitude of opportunities to sell Bath & Body & Home products. 

Can you really make any $$ with Avon, Mary Kay, Amway, Tupperware, Legal Shield, Young Living, DoTerra or any other MLM (Multi Level Marketing)? Are you working hard, making sales, but don't seem to see many profits because of all the fees and hidden costs associated with your business? It has been shown that up to 99% of those selling in an MLM don't really make any REAL $$. 

 Who is really making all the money? It's the manufacturers, the people at the top.  Would you like to be at the top? Would you like to make $$ and REALLY control your own destiny?

Would you like a GREAT home business manufacturing your own products that are needed and customers love?Do you have a retail business and would like to add custom-made manufactured products to your line that your customers would love and need? 

 Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or dad, retired, handicapped or whatever, you can create a business that makes real $$ -- right from your home!  When you manufacture/make your own Bath & body & Home products you can make upwards of 80%+ profits on your products, by starting your own line of Bath & Body & Home products.

 They are ultra easy to produce and we are going to show you everything, step by step! You can literally have fun; even make it a family business, and possibly turn your products into a multi-million dollar business! There are no quotas or goals to meet. Work and learn at your own pace. There are no sales meetings you have to attend, no sales tiers to work towards. Your rewards are the goals you set and reach for yourself. You are your own boss.

 Why sell someone else's products when you can sell your own? You can wholesale or retail for the greater profit. Advertise your products as Made In America! Most national brands can't say or do that as most are manufactured overseas. Many customers will pay a premium for anything made in America. 

 Build your business by selling to school or non-profit fundraisers; sell on Etsy, at fairs, craft shows, churches, your own website, social media, etc. Your world is unlimited to where you can sell retail, or wholesale your products to local businesses. The sky is the limit.

 Other Advantages:

  1. Low-cost start-up business (under $100)
  2. Fast start-up—easy learning curve.
  3. We show you what you need to start up.
  4. You will have great fun making products that your friends, relatives and businesses want. 
  5. This business can be done from your own home!  No large overhead costs!
  6. Low-cost design for your own labels, etc..  We will show you how to get experienced graphic designers that will make designs for you that may be too complicated or you don’t want to take the time to make, at a reasonable cost.
  7. Needed by high percentage of businesses, clubs, groups, schools, etc.

This E-Book is in PDF format and you can download it immediately after purchase!