E-Book: Learn to Make Bath Bombs

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Don't you just LOVE bath bombs? I doubt you'd be looking at this e-book if you didn't. Bath bombs are easy to make, and really fun to use. And because people, men, women and children enjoy using them, they’re easy to sell.  I have been making bath bombs for several years now and have sold thousands of them in our store. It's fun to try new fragrances to see what sells, and you can do that without having to make a huge batch of bath bombs.
My new book describes step-by-step how to make bath bombs that people will LOVE!  Imagine, making bath bombs for approximately 55 cents each and selling them for $2.99 or more!!


  1. Low-cost start-up business.
  2. Fast start-up—easy learning curve.
  3. We show you what you need to start up.
  4. You will have great fun making bath bombs that your friends, relatives and businesses want. 
  5. This business can be done from your own home!  No large overhead costs!
    This E-Book in in PDF format and you can download it immediately after purchase!