​Hydra-M Advanced Mineral Face Mask-Personal Testimony

Posted by Anita Braun on 7th Jun 2015

​Hydra-M Advanced Mineral Face Mask-Personal Testimony
Hydra-M Advanced Mineral Face Mask-Personal Testimony

If you’re like me, the idea of a “spa day,” is more science fiction than reality, but the Hydra-M Advanced Mineral Face Mask must be what it’s all about! I have tried clay masks in the past, just something I bought off the shelf, and they were nothing like this one!

First of all, the most surprising part is that you do not let it dry on your skin. It’s recommended that you only leave it on for five minutes-and that’s definitely not long enough to dry, and with all the moisturizing ingredients in it, I’m pretty sure it would take a really long time for it to dry.

I was really surprised that it was not thick like, nor the color of, peanut butter. It was thin, like a lotion. Smooth, not granular. It slid onto my skin and did not require a thick layer to cover my face. I would estimate that it took less than a half a teaspoon of the mask for my face. (I don’t think I could have made it go on thick if I had wanted to.)

I decided to “take it lying down” and just let it do its thing. It did not sting, burn or itch. There was no offensive odor; as a matter of fact, I could not detect an odor! (That’s the great thing about working with bases, you can add a fragrance that you love or just leave it as is!)

After rinsing it off and drying my face, my skin felt smooth, with a little glow and my pores appeared smaller.

Try it; I think you’ll like it! -Anita Braun