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A wonderful gift idea! Three books for the price of two, each signed by the authors. Give all three together or separate them for three individual gifts. 

When The Angels Cry - The story of Arielle

This is an inspirational and heartwarming story of everyday miracles we receive, but usually never recognize.

Rebecca had a great life.  She was living the dream--until early one morning it all came crashing down. S.I.D.S. had taken her son from her. She cursed God.  Her depression so engulfed her, there seemed no end to her sorrow. After months of trying to get Rebecca to see a doctor, her husband left her.  Later, she apologized to God and asked for His forgiveness. Her life was forever changed.

Rebecca finds Arielle on her doorstep as an infant, but possessing something so mysterious, she can’t bring herself to believe.  Throughout Arielle’s youth, she maintains she has conversations with angels and is barraged with questions from religious leaders who question Rebecca’s observations, and Arielle’s angelic messages.  The spiritual leaders are told they must start believing in and teaching about a loving, compassionate God.

As news of extraordinary events tied to Arielle, her prophesies, and her messages from the angels travel throughout religious hierarchies, the courts, and the community, she faces many challenges and teaches many about life, love and God.  Who is this child?  Will they ever believe her? (This is a work of fiction.)

The Contest - You Can't Leave 'Til It's Over

Imagine an offer of sixty thousand dollars, the "Prize of Your Life," and an all expense paid, two-month retreat in Aspen, Colorado.

George Russo is invited to participate in a writing competition sponsored by an agency that represents new authors.  It is so intriguing and he is so destitute, he had to accept. 

Lured to Aspen, the ten contestants instead end up in a ghost town with a preserved hotel on the high-desert prairie.  A hundred miles from nowhere, with no communication or transportation, their basic needs have been supplied.  Faced with extreme conditions, total strangers must band together and try to survive for two months, while writing a winning manuscript.

THE CONTEST takes you on a non-stop ride as George recounts a chilling story he lived through to a private investigator, retired homicide detective, Sergeant Rico Sanducci.  George is in a private mental institution, and Rico can’t figure out if George's story is true or a manifestation of his psychosis.  George swears by it, but the police say they can’t authenticate any of it, and no one believes him.

"To say this was a strange case would be like saying the sun rises in the east.  If his story is true, they were like rats in a cage, with the captors constantly poking them with sticks.  The decisions they had to make—the ethical choices alone would make anyone question their own moral compass.  Was it some kind of social experiment, a sick joke that got out of hand; or more like I believe, an organization that preys on vulnerable people?" - Rico Sanducci, P.I.
(This is a work of fiction.)

Murder in a Small Town - The Secret of Cripple Creek 

The small casino town of Cripple Creek, CO. hides a very big secret. A covert organization, known by its partners as ‘The Club', has been formed by a few of the powerful leaders of the town. The town's newspaper owner and editor, Adam Sadowski, is caught up in the web of deception after he receives credible information about the existence of a brothel and a high-stakes poker room, and discovers the FBI already involved with an undercover agent somewhere in town. Adam helps unearth the players in exchange for an exclusive on what he hopes will be a major story that only he can tell. The Pastor of a local church, Brian Gray, is inadvertently involved when a young lady confesses to him about her employment at an exclusive high-priced brothel and requests his assistance in getting out of the business. With this unwanted knowledge he is told that his family’s safety may be at risk. He constantly tries to distance himself from the investigation but seems to always be drawn back in.  A well-liked bank teller is murdered and escalates the FBI's involvement in the investigation of murder, robbery and espionage. (This is a work of fiction.)