School Stores, Inc. & First Choice Fundraising- FAQ’s

Who can order from our on-line store?

Anyone can order from your store and support your school activities. If you are a school or a non-profit, call us with your order. You will be tax-exempt and get your discount up front.

Do we need a password or a login?
Absolutely not.

What type of payments do you accept? 
We accept all major credit cards and paypal. Schools and non-profits contact us for tax-exempt invoicing and other types of payments.

How & when do we get paid?
After we register your school and create your on-line store, you will be mailed a check every 60 days if the amount is over $25.00. We will need your tax-exempt EIN and the contact names and information for payments.

Is there a charge or cost?
Very simply - NO! We provide your on-line store free of charge. There are no fees, no up-charges, no interest, no taxes, no artwork fees, no charges of any kind to you for customer purchases! PLUS you will receive 25% of every sale (excluding any customer taxes or delivery/freight charges)! We reserve the right to limit the number of logos and/or artwork to each school.

How do we get started and create an account?
Contact us to schedule a meeting where we can assess your needs, develop a personalized program for your school and acquire necessary information to get your school on-line. We will then build your school store with its own unique URL.

Are there any order requirements?
There are no order requirements. Anyone can order as little or as much as they want. If your school wishes to bulk order for a special event or other requirement, please contact us for possible further discounts.

Can we use our logo and colors?
Yes. We use your logos and designs. We don’t usually limit the number of one-color designs, but we may limit the number of full color logos/designs. Contact us if you have questions about logos/designs.

Do we have to carry inventory?
No, but you may if you wish. You will sell more and make more profit if you maintain a table or some type of display of apparel and other logo items at games and other times when students/parents and the public congregate. 
Contact us for your discounts. We maintain a supply of blank inventory and produce your items on demand so there is no need for carrying large inventory. Our turn-around times are very small and we can deliver your items quickly.

How do we place an order?
After you are signed up and your store is ready, anyone can place an order and have it shipped directly to them. If your school wants to place an order, contact us directly.

How are our sales tracked?
When we sent your checks to you, we include a full accounting of who ordered, the sales amount and your 25%.

How long do orders take?
Most orders will be made and leave our production facility within 1-5 business days. All orders are shipped UPS or USPS and may take up to 5-10 days to arrive at your address.

More Questions? Call us at 719-640-6789 or 719-689-3330 or email us at SchoolStoresInc@gmail.com