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Would you like to work from home?
Would you like a part-time business that will continue to pay you hot profits?
Would you like to be able to print T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, etc. the same day?  The same hour?  Within 10 minutes?

Every city/town has a multitude of opportunities to sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, bumper stickers or tote bags with their personalized designs. Silk screening shops cannot service many of these opportunities, as they cannot do small amounts of shirts, etc for a low price and/or same day service. You can, and we show you how. There are many stores that will sell t-shirts, etc., of your own design or designs from other businesses. Some are proven sellers and will keep you busy constantly restocking.  The stores will love you as you are making them money as you make $ for yourself. We even have many proven sellers you can start off with!


  1. Low-cost start-up business (under $1000)
  2. Fast start-up—easy learning curve.
  3. We show you what you need to start up.
  4. You will have great fun making shirts, etc., that your friends, relatives and businesses want.  Imagine making ANY shirt, bumper sticker, etc., that someone can think up!
  5. This business can be done from your own home!  No large overhead costs!
  6. Print shirts for as low as $2.25- $2.60.  Wholesale for $6.00-$8.00, or retail for $12.00-$24.00 each.
  7. Low-cost designing for your own designs.  We will show you how to get experienced graphic designers that will make designs for you that may be too complicated or you don’t want to take the time to make, at a reasonable cost!
  8. All designs have the same low cost to print whether just one color or full color.
  9. Bulk purchasing power.
  10. License your own designs to others!
  11. Needed by high percentage of businesses, clubs, groups, schools, etc
  12. You will probably be the only business that can print and deliver shirts the same day or next day for most items.
  13. There is a great demand for special bumper stickers. We show you how to make them for a very low cost.  These can be done for about .50 ea. No matter how many you make  Sell for $3-5 each.  Check the internet.  You can’t buy 100 stickers for and get them for .50 each.  Just the freight will kill you!
  14. We show you how to print tote bags, which are wanted and need by many businesses.  Buy these for about $1 ea., wholesale for $4-6 ea, retail for $10-12 ea.
  15. Hats are needed and wanted by many businesses and stores.  You can do multi-color designs for the same cost as one color.
  16. We show you how and where to purchase your shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, etc for minimal cost and FREE shipping, which can be a major expense.
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