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Did you know you can make great bumper stickers if you have an Epson printer and pigmented inks (which you use to make your digital t-shirts)???  Yep, pigmented inks, after they dry are water resistant, stand up to the weather and won't fade like dye inks will.  A simple spray coating on the sticker will insure a long-lasting sticker.

Everyone uses bumper stickers.  You can make your own designs and sell them as I do, or sell them wholesale to political parties, businesses, military,schools, sports organizations, religious organizations using their designs. Print state flags, funny stickers, political, gun rights stickers; everything and anything can be placed on a bumper sticker.

I purchase weatherproof vinyl 8.5" x 11" sheets for .99 ea.  When I print and cut, I get 3 stickers of 8.5" x 3.5" if a white background, and 8.25" x 3.5" if a colored background.  I can do 2 stickers 10" or 11" wide x 3" or 3 stickers 10" or 11" wide by 2.75".  The vinyl is made for inkjet printers.  Your leg-up is you are using pigmented inks that will withstand the weather and sun.  Dye inks, used by all other printers, do not.

Check online and see what bumper stickers are going for.  Usually, the minimum to purchase (wholesale) is 25.  You can make one, five, ten, or any quantity.  For Example:

Printing Business #1: (uprinting.com) 8.5" x 3.5"- 25 stickers for $27.51 & $15.05 shipping. Total of $42.56 for 25 stickers or $1.70 ea.  Again, the minimum is 25.

Printing Business #2:(psprint.com) The same quantity as above for $119.37 standard production (3 business days) & $13.90 ground shipping.  Sometimes they give a 50% discount, but that is still $59.68 plus shipping, or $2.94 per sticker.

Printing Business #3:  Cafe Press, one of the largest retailers online sells bumper stickers (retail-to the public).  They sell for $4.75 each and shipping is $7.00 for 6-8 business days. (Those must be some heavy bumper-stickers! )

There are literally tons of printing places on the web that print bumper stickers.  If you want them overnight, there is always a huge premium to pay.  Some don't even offer it as they CAN'T do it!

YOU can do much better for many of your customers.  Your cost is approximately $.35 each for any stickers you can print 3-up on a page.  Easily sell them for $2-3.99 each for small quantities, AND you can do them in one day or the same day!!  That is customer service!!  That is your edge-- and it's a huge one--same day or next day service, and it's very easy!!

Purchase my "Hot Profits Making Bumper Stickers" video and ebook for just $9.95.  I'll show you where to get the weatherproof vinyl, what settings to use on your printer, what to do after you print them and what spray to purchase to insure a long-lasting finish!  This is a no-bull, all information ebook and video.  You'll be on your way to printing quality bumper stickers in no time!

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