Turquois From the Burtis Mine

Turquoise from from the Burtis Blue Mine, also known as the Florance Mine is in Cripple Creek Colorado . This Mine is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Burtis and has been owned from the same family since 1939.  Wallace Burtis Jr. started mining turquoise with his father when he was a child. 

Most turquoise being sold on the market is not natural and has something man made added to it to make it more stable. Some have dye added to give it a more desirable color or pattern and a lot of other turquoise is not even turquoise but dyed Howlite or just plain dyed plastic. To find turquoise that does not need any treatments is rare. We are mining one of the few turquoise mines left that is producing high quality turquoise that does not need to be treated in anyway.

Turquoise on the Mohs Scale for hardness should at least be a 5 for it to not need to be stabilized.  Ifit is  anything less it would need to be stabilized or it may break or even change in color over time. The Burtis Blue turquoise we are mining ranges from a 6.5-7.5 in hardness, so this is a good; high quality turquoise that does not change green over time but keeps it's natural color and shine.
​Turquoise is a healing stone, a giving stone, the Sky Stone and a December stone, and turquoise is the first stone to have value amongst the Indigenous people  to make jewelry and trade. This stone was also found to be used by the Egyptians dating back to 5,000 BC.