EuroSpa European spa salt is harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. European spa salt is evaporated to a sparkling white by the sun and ocean air. European spas are famous for their in-depth knowledge of natural healing and therapy. Use EuroSpa spa salt as a key ingredient in your own bath products. 
Characteristics: bright white color, high mineral content, very low moisture. 
Adding essential oils will provide an element of even greater therapy for many ailments. All salts come in a jar so you can add one of our great Body Oils or Lotions to blend with the salt.  Salt will be blended with 1 ml of your choice of Fragrance Oil or .5 ml of Essential Oil as a FREE Option. 
One oil you should avoid is baby oil, which contains mineral oil (a by-product of petroleum) because it doesn't absorb into skin and when it evaporates, this oil makes your skin feel even dryer than before. Also baby/mineral oil clogs your pores, making your skin look drab. 

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