Like to Join Main Street-Colorado?

The offices of Main Street-Colorado are located in the little historic city of Cripple Creek, Colorado, high in the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of 9,494 feet, with a population of around 1,200. 
Main Street Colorado is a family owned business founded by Anita and Tim Braun.
If you have any questions, please email us  at "Contact Us", and we will be happy to help.

Main Street-Colorado is a division of Sangre de Cristo Publishing, Inc., a Colorado corporation.

Interested in joining Main Street Colorado?
Are you a small business in Colorado?
Are you an artisan in Colorado?
If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, you may be eligible to join the artisans and small businesses
already enjoying success on Main Street Colorado!

Main Street Colorado is a collection of small businesses and artisans who have come together to share advertising
and costs associated with an online presence. We provide a monthly fee-free website to our members. As each business advertises their products on Facebook, Instagram, etc., all businesses are seen when visitors come to this website.
All help each other succeed without excessive overhead.

What we offer:
– We take care of paying Colorado sales tax for any Colorado customers.
– We pay charge card/paypal fees. We take Visa/MC/Discover & Paypal. We do not accept American Express.
-  You do not need a Visa/MC/Discover business account. 
– We supply a copy of each of your orders to you via email within one day. 
– We send a check, or credit your paypal account, within 7 days.
– We will send refunds to customers within 3 days of our receiving notice from you and receiving appropriate 
   funds from you. There is a 10% charge on refunds/charge backs. 
– Any customer questions/complaints sent to our mail will be forwarded to your email within one day.

Your responsibility:
– You supply product photos, item descriptions, product information and pricing. We make every effort to have all        data updated within 48 hours. (Initial setup may take longer.)
– We suggest making your retail pricing to include postage/freight--make all items you can freight free. (If a
customer purchases items from multiple stores, we will divide any freight/postage up according to weight. Any
extra freight/postage not supplied will be your responsibility.)
- You are responsible for sending out all orders as soon as possible.
- You are responsible for all your customer complaints/inquiries and resolving them as soon as possible.
- You are responsible for sending us any funds due customers for refunds/charge-backs/settlements as soon as possible, but not later than 72 hours.

– Initial membership set-up cost $99.99 (Includes front page business box and first 10 items.)
– Additional items listed for $5.99.  NO monthly fees!
– You can add new listings or delete listings at any time.
– Fees cover all listings for one year. $59.99 annual membership fee after first year.
– In exchange for handling all of the web services outlined above, we keep 20% of all sales
(excluding any sales tax and shipping).

If you would like to include your business in Main Street-Colorado, please contact us HERE.