Schools Stores, Inc & First Choice Fundraising is owned by Timothy & Anita Braun in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Tim is an eight year Army Veteran and retired disabled as a Police Det. Sergeant from Massachusetts. He currently volunteers as President of the local School Board.  He was amazed at how much the various groups and activities needed additional funds.  Although he can't use his fundraising skills for his own school because of conflicts of interest, he decided to help other schools and non-profits.   Using his thirty-plus years of business experience, he tries to keep costs down and give as much as possible back to the schools and non-profits.  What started as a fundraiser idea for local schools has now expanded into the following areas:
Schools, Churches, Scouts, Sports Teams, Cheerleading Teams, Child Care, PTO, PTA, Booster Clubs, and all other type of non-profit organizations.
Customer service is one of their primary goals . They have many suppliers they maintain great relationships with.  They stand behind and guarantee all their products. Thank you for your interest and they are looking forward to serving you and partnering with you to help
reach your goals!

Anita works in the local school district part-time as an assistant to the Business Manager and helps design and produce all the products they sell.  They have lived in Cripple Creek for 24 years.

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